All-In-One Snake Guide

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Image of a bearded dragon. Care sheet bearded dragon

This care sheet is based on ReptilianWorld’s experience of captive keeping of this species. All the information is necessary for the good captivity of these wonderful lizards. However, you will not find there any information on reproduction or special care give to babies, because this is not the purpose of this article. Since bearded dragons …

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All-in-One Guide To Pet Lizards 2020

Guide on Choosing lizard to how to take care of a lizard

If you want to adopt a lizard or take care of a lizard that you have welcomed, discover all the basics to take good care of a lizard. In this section, find out how to choose your first lizard and at what price. Learn how to organize and maintain their living space, offer them a suitable …

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All-in-One Guide To Pet Snakes 2020


Whether you are a novice or experienced, ReptilianWorld gives you all the practical advice to choose the right snake and avoid the pitfalls during the purchase. It is important to be well informed before buying a snake. A snake is a long-term commitment, so it is important to know its needs to take good care of it, take …

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Common Health Problems For Snake’s An often neglected part in snake care are the various diseases from which the animals can be vulnerable even despite good housing conditions. Experience has shown that animals that have been taken from nature get sick faster than in the wild.  Although the risk is lower, offspring can also get sick. For the …

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Snake Scale Rot

scale rot

What is Scale Rot The condition called scale rot is a bacterial infection that is most prevalent in captured reptiles. Snakes scale rot typically occurs when the habitat of your snake is exposed to excessively humid conditions and/or inadequate washing. If the habitat of your snake has a strong fecal content and there can be …

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What is Snake Mites?

The most common external parasites found in snakes are the well-known snake mites (Ophionyssus Natricis). Almost every snake holder will face this problem over time. Mites are recognizable as tiny, black dots, which are particularly active in the evening and at night and sometimes crawl around the snake occasionally, sometimes in large numbers. Young mites, …

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Animals of Australia

Located in the southern hemisphere off by itself, Australia has many native animals found nowhere else on the planet. Some of the most unusual are the marsupials – mammals that gestate their young in a pouch. Two of the best places to see these amazing animals are Tasmania and Kangaroo Island. Marsupials of Australia Over …

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How To Make a Bioactive Terrarium

How to make a Bioactive terrarium

An increasingly popular subject in the reptile community is the bioactive setup. I will be explaining how to put together a bioactive enclosure for a tropical setup, when you’re building one at home. Our setups are on 12x12x18 inches. Exoteric enclosures. It will be tropical. This set up is suitable for Cuban false chameleons. Not …

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Poison Dart Frog Care Sheet

Poison Dart Frog Care sheet and guide

Poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae) mainly live in the South and Central American rainforest. Because of their rich colors, the diurnal lifestyle and an interesting reproductive strategy – the parent animals practice brood care – many species enjoy great popularity and are regularly bred in differently colored local forms. Some popular species include; Dendrobates tinctorius, D. …

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Axolotl Care Sheet

How To Take Care Of An Axolotl

The Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), which belongs to the tail amphibians, occurs exclusively in a few high-lying Mexican lakes; the animals, therefore, prefer cool and oxygen-rich water. In contrast to other amphibians, such as the fire salamander, it spends its entire life as a permanent larva in the water, breathes through outer gills throughout its life and also becomes …

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Coral Snake Look Alike

Coral Snake

4 snakes that look like a coral snake America is home to several aggressive species of snake. The backyards hold many forms of snakes and most are innocuous. But in the US there are venomous varieties of snake. The coral snake is sadly sometimes mistaken with harmless snakes. It’s necessary to be able to identify …

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