Best Caves For Terrarium/Enclosures

Today we’re going to be looking at caves we use a lot of these black plastic caves for our snakes and they work really well they’re easy to clean they’re pretty affordable

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Sometimes you just want the more naturalistic look your environment. We are going to be comparing different brands of caves to see which one gets you the most for your money.

We are going to be comparing caves from three leading reptile supply brands which are Villa, Exo Terra and Leuchars Zuma does make hikes for reptiles but they’re what they called reptile shelters and they’re really all enclosed they’re not really a cave so we figured we wouldn’t include them in this because they’re kind of on in a different category of their own. We’re going to be reviewing all of these caves on four different categories:

  • their price
  • internal space
  • weight
  • ease of cleaning

Now I should of course mention everything is my own opinion you may have a different opinion of your own. Really you should try them all and see which one you like. 

We’re going to start with EXO Terra we have two different cave styles from EXO Terra that we’d like to review. The first style is medium and the second one is large. It’s what they simply call their reptile cave. It’s an older design but it’s been around for a long time because it’s a pretty good cave. They have a nice naturalistic look. They’re very smooth and that makes them easier to clean. Not only are they smoothish on the outside but they are smooth on the inside as well and that makes it very easy to clean and disinfect these caves which are really handy the price on these is about middle-of-the-road the medium is six dollars from on Amazon and the large is about $20 on Amazon. Price is about average for naturalistic caves next both of these are pretty lightweight I mean they’re especially the medium one of their reptile a cave design is very lightweight. The large on the other hand is considerably heavier but it’s not too bad like if you’re pulling out a bin from your rack and you have this cave in there it’s not gonna make your bin overly heavy. 

Now what I really like to review the caves on is how much room they provide on the inside because no matter how cool they look no matter what the price is how easy they are to clean if there isn’t sufficient space on the inside your reptile isn’t gonna use it but the EXO Terra reptile cave passes this test with their medium design because it’s fairly spacious inside. There’s a lot of internal space. 

The large on the other hand is kind of restrictive as to how much space is on the inside just because of its pretty flat design. I snake could wedge themselves in here but they’re probably going to outgrow it relatively quickly. Out of these two I mean I would definitely recommend the medium EXO Terra cave the large it can definitely work in a lot of instances but it might not be for everyone 

Exo Terra: Medium

Exo Terra: Large

The second cave style from EXO Terra. Is their new style of reptile cave. The new style is I think a new and improved version of the old ones. These are also they look really cool I really like the look of the naturalistic cave and they are fairly lightweight I mean they’re not super light but they’re not overly heavy either and they’re both the medium and the large are spacious. They allow a lot of internal space for your reptile to hide out inside. They’re also both relatively smooth on the outside and very smooth on the inside making them very easy to clean pricing isn’t that bad either with this cave on you can get the medium for about $12 and the large for about $20 which is a little bit higher than usual. 

The last brand of caves I’d like to cover in today’s video is Zilla so I have two of their styles of caves to review. First of all, is the desert series Rock Den.

it has actually two entrances one from the front and one from the back. It’s not completely enclosed like a lot of snakes like. It could count as a supplemental hide in the enclosure however it is pretty solid. It’s pretty heavy kind of thick wall just like the Fluker’scave and because of that does limit the amount of space on the inside for the reptile. It’s kind of the same drawback as that Fluker’s cave but if you have a reptile like the leopard gecko that prefers tight quarters then it might actually really like this cave however for snake purposes I probably wouldn’t use it just because I have not only two entrances which makes them feel not as secure as just a single entrance also it doesn’t have a ton of space on the inside this cave is also a little bit on the pricier and as far as natural caves go this is about $21. What I do like about this cave is that although there’s a lot of good texture to it so it’s a good object for reptiles especially snakes to rub up against to shed off of. It still smooth enough to be easy to clean so although I probably won’t be using this one for my snakes,I could see it working really well for a lizard like the leopard geckos

Not to say that Zillah doesn’t make good snake caves because. Their newer style Rock Den.

Really like this cave so these are. They’re very lightweight, much lighter than like the exoteric cave of comparable size. There’s a ton of space on the inside not only because they have thinner walls but because of the shape of the cave. There’s plenty of space inside for snakes to hide inside this is a particularly good cave if you have like a younger snake that’s still growing and it can kind of throw into this cave because since there’s so much space on the inside it’ll last you a bit longer and your snake won’t outgrow it as quickly as it would one of those more restrictive caves. Pricing on this cave is either middle-of-the-road Now the other thing I like about this cave is it also offers kind of a rougher exterior for shedding purposes but it’s still smooth enough to clean especially on the inside the only thing that would be tough to clean is this little lip that I see on the inside on up towards the bottom of the cave. You just might have to use a toothbrush to get at that but I still think that’s not gonna be too bad to have too. 

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