Best Thermostat For Your Reptiles 2020

First, let’s go over how the three different methods the thermostat(herpstat 2) can work.

  1. The pulse proportional 
  2. Dimmable proportional

Pulse proportional which means the thermostat sends pulses of energy to the heating element in quick succession to control the temperature. Sends pulses of energy to our heating element. The strength of every pulse it creates stronger pulses or sends more voltage in each pulse and the duration of the pulse can also be extended to warm up the probe so as you can see this is another one you probably don’t want to use for lights because this would be very annoying to have in since will be confusing to the reptile to if their light is constantly turning on and off however for again non-light-emitting heating elements like heat emitters or heat mats.

Finally, you have dimming proportional which means the herpstat 2  sends a constant stream of energy to the heating element however it controls the voltage that is being sent to it and, it’s very similar to like a dimming light bulb and it’ll increase that voltage until the probe reaches the set temperature yep it’s just sending a little bit over and it’ll slowly get brighter and brighter until it’s at that desired temperature so this is what they recommend for heating lamps and once it reaches that temperature it’ll maintain that same brightness or it’ll continue sending the same amount of voltage to that light bulb with some may be slight variations when the probe gets a little too warm or a little too cold but it’ll stay pretty much the same the dimming proportional also works for a halogen bulbs by the way we just tested it out and it seems to be working quite well however it is not recommended for mercury vapor valves or compact fluorescents so your UVB lights

The Herpstat 2 comes with two probes and two ports, of course, one for each of those probes. They also come with built-in night drop capability which means you can program them to decrease the temperature overnight, also all come with an internal battery that saves your preferences or your settings in case you have a power outage. 

Probe Type: Metal

Probes Length: 12 feet long

Jack Type: 3mm

Wattage Output: 900W

Herpstat 2 actually saves the history of the temperatures recorded on the devices and you can go into the screen here and you can look back at previous temperatures that were recorded. Something to keep in mind Herpstat 2 displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Although we mentioned the methods above are not quite for lights, Herpstat 2 comes with an extra feature called light mode as easy to understand allowing reptile owners to use light as a heating element.

Herpstat 2 can also control and maintain the humidity in your enclosure. If you’re going to use a Herpstat 2 for humidity control the device that’s going to control whether it be a fogger or like a misting system whatever it is will have to plug into the other outlet which means you can’t use more then one heating element as it only has 2 ports.

For your humidity system, there are three different methods or modes in which the Herpstat 2 that can control your enclosures humidity there is:

  1. The scheduled 
  2. The sensed
  3. The hybrid

The scheduled mode is when you program the thermostat to turn on your mister or your fogger at certain points during the day. The sensed mode is when the thermostat just turns on you’re misting or fogging system when it senses that it’s too dry in the environment but to do that you do need a special humidity probe of course for it to measure the humidity levels in the environment. The hybrid mode is a combination of the sensed and the scheduled modes. It’ll turn on during certain points of the day that you have programmed into the thermostat and if it senses that it’s too dry it’ll turn on again as well. Herpstat 2 not only can control the temperature of the enclosure but also the humidity levels which I think is really cool.

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