Corn Snake Care Sheet

This North American snake reaches a size of around 110 cm for a male, females reaching up to 160 cm. With a very calm and absolutely non-aggressive behavior, it is the most widespread snake in our terrariums. Its small size, its harmless character, its interesting and lively behavior, its numerous colors make it an animal of choice for neophytes up to the experienced breeder. In addition, it is extremely robust, not very restrictive and can be handled daily. In short, this snake can suit anyone who wishes to discover this fascinating world. Well, let’s get into the Corn Snake Care Sheet.

The Terrarium

We recommend a terrarium of 45 to 60 cm for juveniles of a size less than 70 cm. Indeed, too large a terrarium would stress this snake who likes rather confined spaces. From 70 cm, you can offer a terrarium of 80 cm for a male and up to 1 m for a female. The glass terrariums are more suitable than those mesh on top because they can better retain heat and moisture.

The temperature should reach 30 ° C at the hot spot during the day, for this opt for a heating mat of a size adapted to the terrarium: placed below the terrarium, it is invisible, economical and diffuses a healthy heat and avoids any risk of burns for the animal. A heating bulb can be used but it must imperatively be protected by a protective grid, otherwise, your snake can burn on top. The ceramic heaters dry the air too much and do not allow the snake to make proper molts. A thermostat is essential to regulate the heating mat at 30 ° C during the day, a room temperature of 18 to 22 ° C will suffice for the night. Whatever the heating system used, it is imperative to put a thermometer (mechanical or digital) at the hot spot to be able to check at any time the temperature of your terrarium. Regarding the decoration, offer at least one hiding place at the hot spot ( gecko cellar, cork trunk …) as well as one at the cold point. This allows him to always have a quiet place available. Do not hesitate to decorate the terrarium with a branch or cork tube, to climb, hide, and rub to remove its molt, or simply for the aesthetic effect. Items such as lianas, artificial plants or the caves will complete the decoration. A bowl medium-sized water will allow him to hydrate whenever he wants. For the substrate, we recommend use substrates such as coconut chips, humus, beech shavings or reptibark depending on your preferences.

Tip: Always offer your snake a hiding place with wet sphagnum. This foam which keeps moisture very well, allows the animal to get into it, and thus to impregnate its skin with moisture. This will then allow it to make a perfect molt. So, no need to spray to get a high humidity in the terrarium, the snake will go by itself in the hiding place! Change the sphagnum every 2/3 weeks, and spray with lukewarm water every 2/3 days.

Raising The Snake


Up to 60 cm, feed your corn snake every 5 to 7 days with frozen rodents of suitable size. For this, use a feeding forceps, it will prove to be very practical and refer to our advice sheet “Feeding my snake”. At this age, your pet should molt on average every 4/6 weeks. During this time, offer her a hiding place in peat as advised above.
The result is guaranteed: perfect shedding every time.
You can take your pet regularly depending on his behavior. Avoid handling it within 48 hours of taking a meal and during the molting period (dull appearance, bluish eyes). Whatever the substrate used, carry out the complete disinfection of your terrarium every 2 months. For that use the F10, which is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal but without risk of poisoning for the animal. The water will be changed every 2 days, and the bowl disinfected once a week with this same product. To avoid any escapade that could endanger the life of your snake, we strongly recommend that you install a lock on your terrarium windows.

Sub-adults and adults:

from 60 cm to adult size. The frequency of food will be spaced at approximately one meal every 8/10 days for individuals from 60 to 90 cm, and every 10/15 days when they exceed 90 cm. Of adult rodents or frozen rodents will, therefore, be distributed in proportion to its size. When molting, offer as for juveniles, a box or cavity with sphagnum. This should happen every 7/10 weeks now.

Terrarium hygiene:

Regardless of the age of the animal, the hygiene of the terrarium is important to prevent the development of germs that can weaken it. Reptiles are very robust animals if you respect temperatures, food, and hygiene. The White Snakes evolve in a semi-desert to the tropical environment, we advise you to disinfect their terrarium every 2 months maximum.