What Did The Utahraptor Eat

Ever wondered what Utahraptors were feeding and hunting? Well, in this article we are about to cover this topic once for all.

What Did The Utahraptor Eat? Utahraptors were carnivores. Their diet consisted of Iguanodonts and Sauropods regularly. They have additionally eaten lizards and mammals if necessary.

Cedar Mountain Formation

Utahraptors were discovered in the Cedar Mountain Formation by James Ian Kirkland. This helps us understand more about their diet. Cedar Mountain Formation is the home of Iguanodonts, Sauropods, Theropods, Lepidosaurs, Turtles, and Amphibians. Their primary preys were Iguanodonts and Sauropods probably the juveniles or young adults.


They were medium-sized herbivores. Iguanodonts was the most common herbivore found in the Cretaceous period. fed largely on gymnosperms like ferns and horsetails. This explains where there liked their habitats such as close to riverbeds, wetlands, and mountain areas. This was a big advantage for the Utahraptors allowing them to ambush them along the riverside, etc. Utahraptors potential preys from the Iguanodonts, were; 

640px Tenontosaurus BW
640px Life restoration of Iguanacolossus
640px Life restoration of Hippodraco
640px Eolambia restoration
  • Eolambia
  • Hippodraco
  • Iguanocolossus
  • Tenontosaurus
  • Zephyrosaurus


They were large-size herbivores. The most distinguishable physical appearance Sauropods had was their size. Scientists believe that Sauropods were showing herd activity, allowing them to protect their juveniles from the ferocious predator Utahraptor. These gentle giants preferred wet and coastal habitats. Utahraptors potential preys from the Sauropods were; 

640px Moabosaurus utahensis restoration
640px Cedarosaurus SW
640px Brontomerus utahraptor2
640px Astrodon johnstoni
Abydosaurus NT
  • Abydosaurus
  • Astrodon
  • Brontomerus
  • Cedarosaurus
  • Moabosaurus