What Did Triceratops Eat

Ever wondered what did Triceratops diet consisted of, were they herbivore, carnivore, or even omnivore? Learn more about these gentle giants.

What did Triceratops eat? Triceratops were herbivores, plant-eaters. Scientists believe Triceratops was a low vegetation eater, mostly consuming cycad, and Arecaceae, 616 teeth on average indicates they ate large volumes of these plants. Triceratops appearance of the narrow beak was more suitable to plucking rather than biting. Their horns allowed them to bend and tip over the taller plants.

We will be diving deeper into their habitat and understanding the ecosystem they have lived in further in this article.

Did Triceratops Eat Meat

No, there is no evidence showing any form of meat-eating. Triceratops were plant-eaters their diet had large volumes of fibrous plant matter. Plants are known to be what they have eaten;

  • Cycad
  • Palm
360px Cycas circinalis
640px Athyrium filix femina

Triceratops Habitat

640px Conguillio llaima

Triceratops founded in Hell Creek Formation allows us to get an idea of their habitat and the plant life they have existed. Triceratops lived in floodplains and forests.

They flourished in various diverse environments such as dry, wet, and at high elevations. Conifers, cycads, and other gymnosperms went through the Cretaceous period maintained, but by the middle, species diversification drove off. By the end of the Cretaceous period, the forests started to look similar to the forests we have now in North America. They contained oaks, hickories, and magnolias.

Dr. Kirk Johnson (Scientist) claims that there are no grasses, oaks, maples, or willows in the Hell Creek Formation(source). Ferns are uncommon in the majority of the formation until the end of the Cretaceous period. Hell Creek Formation is known to house one of the world’s most deadly predators like Tyrannosaurus.